What is glycolic acid?

What is glycolic acid?

Glycolic acid has a small molecular structure to reach the deeper layers of the skin. Excellent exfoliating agent providing immediate skin softening effects. Glycol helps moisturizing the skin and decreases the appereance of wrinkles. Glycolic acid unclogs pores and refines the skin texture. It can even completly transform the structure of the skin, with a radiant and smooth result. It helps regenarate collagen, thicken the epidermis and dermis resulting in an even flawless skin tone.

The natural glycolic acid in sugar not only helps condition and moisturize skin, but protects it from pollutans and toxins.

Glycolic acid is an active ingredient in the Hydrating subjectables and skincare products of Dermatude.

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Skincare ingredients

Dermatude’s skincare ingredients

The Meta Therapy concept is so successful because of the excellent results which are achieved due to Meta Therapy treatments in combination with the right ingredients.

Dermatude has chosen to focus on:

  • Hydrating
  • Balancing
  • Cell Recovery
  • Firming & Lifting

To determine which Dermatude line is suitable for which skin, we do not focus so much on age as on skin condition / skin problem:

Skin with hydration deficiency, dry lines, and first signs of skin aging, we use these ingredients to effectively address this: Hyaluronic acid, Niacinamide, Vitamine A,C & E, Agave Tequilana Leaf extract.

Skin with irregularities/ impurities / pigment disturbances, first signs of ageing we use these ingredients to effectively address this: Hyaluronic acid, Nano White, Bacillicus Ferment, Salicicylic Acid, Vitamine A,C & E, Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root Extract

Cell Recovery
Skin without irregularities but visible signs of skin aging, wrinkles, starting slackening, loss of firmness, we use these ingredients to effectively address this: PhytoCellTec TM Argan, Malus Domestica Fruit Cell Culture Extract, Hyaluronic acid, Caprooyl Tetrapeptide-3, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-1, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7, Pepha Tight, Q10, Vitamin A,C & E.

Firming & Lifting
Slackened skin with wrinkles, loss of firmness & elasticity we use these ingredients to effectively tackle this: Pullulan, Pepha Tight, Hydrolyzed Wheat Gluten, Ceratonia Siliqua Gum, Vitamin C, Peptides.

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What does Vitamin E do for the skin?

Vitamin E, or Tocopherol, is a natural moisturizer. In addition to a moisturizing function, vitamin E has also anti-inflammatory properties. Makes the skin soft and smooth and acts as an antioxidant. Protects the skin cells against free radicals. Because of its ability to quench free radicals the term “protector” has been used to describe the actions of vitamin E. This may be also due to the excellent moisturizing effect of vitamin E. Vitamin E in combination with vitamin A produces increased storage of vitamin A when applied
topically. Vitamin E is popular as antioxidant, moisturizing and rejuvenating ingredient.

Vitamin E, or tocopherol

Vitamin E, or tocopherol, is an active ingredient in many of the Dermatude skin care products. ⁠

  • Hydrating cream
  • Hydrating serum
  • Balancing serum
  • Cell recovery cream
  • Firming & lifting cream
  • Firming & lifting serum
  • Lifting eye drops
  • Firming eye boost
  • Skin improvement mask
  • Anti-ageing mask

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The best SPF cream!

Summer is just around the corner! To protect your customers skin against harmful UV radition recommend them to use the Dermatude Multi Defense SPF 30 every day!

Dermatude Multi Defense SPF 30

Dermatude Multi Defense SPF 30 blocks the release of stress makers in the skin and stimulates the production of new cells. Calms, softens and hydrates the skin. The light textures work as a shield and contains a unique protection complex, which will strengthen the protection barriers within the skin. Multi Defense SPF 30 with UVA and UVB filters is not to be missed in the daily battle against skin ageing.

To support the intensive Meta Therapy Treatments and to obtain optium results, your client need to use the Dermatude skincare products daily. The ingredients of the Dermatude products are completly attuned to the Meta Therapy Treatment.

The importance of SPF cream

More and more women (and men too) are aware of skin aging and are increasingly concerned with keeping the skin healthy. For example, skin care routines are becoming more extensive and skin products are chosen more carefully that really suit the type of skin. This is of course very good news and a big step in the right direction! Unfortunately, many still forget the importance of SPF cream. There is a good chance that your customers do not or not sufficiently use a sunscreen for the face. It is important to explain how SPF cream works so that your customers can also see its benefits, in the short and long term. Some of the benefits of using sunscreen every day:

  • The skin is protected from sun damage and air pollution
  • The skin aging process is slowed down
  • It can help reduce the risk of skin cancer

This is how we fight skin aging together and create a healthy, glowy skin!

What do peptides do for the skin?

What do peptides do for the skin?

Peptides are the anti-ageing agent, stimulate the skin to make collagen. Peptides give the skin a fresh look, let the skin shine, increase the energy to support the restorative capacity of the skin and protect against oxidative stress. Peptides are proteins, molecules built from amino acids, that signal the skin cells to produce new proteins. Peptides are capable of penetrating the uppermost layers of the skin and promote anti-ageing effects. The molecules are considered to be a chain of amino acids. Amino acids are organic compounds that contain a carboxyl and an amino.

Research indicates that peptides have been used to stimulate the production of collagen in the skin.

The anti-aging agent: peptide is used in our Cell Recovery Meta Therapy treatment and skin care!