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Dermatude devices

The Dermatude treatment is done with a Meta-Ject device. The highest European Standards are followed and all safety requirements are met in the manufacturing of the Meta-Ject device. Dermatude offers an unique machine that include a superior set of product features that are distinguished by specific benefits for different business settings.

With 4 different treatment modules to choose from, it is easily to adjust the treatment to your client’s need. The Meta-Ject devices allow you to focus on the treatment. The machiner will do all the rest!

Patented Flex Head Technology

The Dermatude modules adjust itself to the skin’s surface, even if you do not apply the hand piece perpendicular to the skin. The Flex Head Technology guarantees equal treatment on the right depth in the skin. Even on areas that are difficult to reach: around the nose, close to the eyes, bunny lines etc.

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All ages, all skin types


The Hydrating treatment and products are rich in hyaluronic acid and moisturizing ingredients. These actives retain moisture like a sponge and bind moisture, which makes the skin appear thicker and fuller. The Hydrating treatment is ideal for people with a dry and sensitive skin. It will tackle the first signs of skin aging such as smile lines and crow's feet.


The Balancing treatment and products bring back the balance in the skin. In addition to highly moisturizing components, it also contains enzymes and Nano-White. It will regain the skin’s naturally smooth and vibrant appearance. The Balancing treatment will reduce pigment spots and age spots for a smooth complexion and natural glow.

Cell Recovery

The Cell Recovery treatment and products protect and vitalize dermal stem cells for a deep-seated resurfacing of the skin. Rich in hydrating components, peptides and plant stem cells, it helps reproduce new skin cells, keeps the natural skin barrier intact and prevents aging of the skin. The Cell Recovery treatment will reduce the presence of acne scars in your face.

Firming & Lifting

The Firming & Lifting treatment and products contain high quality Pepha Tight and antioxidants for a strong lifting, firming and tightening effect. It stimulates the collagen production, improves elasticity and protects against oxidative stress. The Firming & Lifting treatment effectively reduces the presence of wrinkles around the eyes, mouth and forehead. For a thighter skin and youthful appereance.

High quality skin care products

Dermatude Meta Therapy is a total concept. That is why only the Dermatude skin care products are used during the Meta Therapy treatment to support the treatment results. These products have the right amount of active ingredients for the best results and are considered safe after a Meta Therapy treatment. The products contain all the essentials to keep the skin healthy, glowing and smooth.

The skin care range is compact but complete. It contains 16 effective products, so no big investment has to be made to get started.

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The choice of active ingredients

Our goal is to achieve optimal results and to fight the aging process successfully in a 100% natural way.

The Meta Therapy concept is successful because of the two-fold effect during the treatment where an effective technique is combined with the right active ingredients.

The ingredients used in Dermatude treatments and skin care are selected on efficiency and effect.

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