What is Dermatude Meta Therapy?

Dermatude Meta Therapy is a safe, 100% natural anti-aging therapy and is clinically proven to be effective. Meta Therapy belongs to the category of in-depth treatments. It is a mechanical treatment therapy that activates the skin’s natural cell regeneration process without the risk of developing subcutaneous scar tissue. Treatment is painless, safe and at the same time depth- regardless of treatment zone. Dermatude Meta Therapy works according to a total concept: active ingredients with proven effective ingredients are applied during the treatment. Thanks to the micro-perforations, these are introduced into the deeper layers of the skin, exactly where the active ingredients have the most effective effect. Treatment results are optimized, maintained and prolonged with Dermatude Skin Care for home use. Thanks to the effective approach to many indication areas, Dermatude Meta Therapy is an addition to an beauty salon or skin institute. All ages, all skin types, everything you need!

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Microneedling or Meta Therapy?

Dermatude is often confused with microneedling. Wrongly! Because where microneedling can cause irreparable skin damage and serious subcutaneous scar tissue, Dermatude Meta Therapy is a safe alternative. And also important: Meta Therapy has been FDA approved and does what it promises.

UNIQUE: The patented Flex Head Technology makes it possible to work very precisely: under the eyes (bags) up to the edge of the eye and also on the lips!


Microneedling: risk of irreparable subcontaneous skin damage due to needles that are too long and go too deep in the skin

Miconeedling: often steel needles without a needle guide, imprecise perforations. Needles can bend sideways, risk of subcutaneous trauma (scars).

Microneedling: analog powerd, no constant perforation in different skin zones

Microneedling: Perforation densify is important. Microneedling machines have needle modules delivering a lower density of perforations! It will take longer to achieve the best results. Most pens have a speed range of 1 to 5. The average steel needles produces 800-1200 micro perforations per second where as Meta Therapy delivers up to 2700 microperforations per second.

Meta Therapy

Dermatude: works at a safe depth and activates collagen & ellastin without risk of scar tissue.

Meta Therapy: ‘cone-shaped tips’ with patented Flex Head Technology: cannot bend sideways. Controlled micro-perforations in depth, distance and very high density

Meta Therapy: digitally powered and with Flex Head Technology: irregular or to deep perforations in different skin zones is impossible. No risk of irreparable damage to the connective tissue. Safe and proven effective!

Meta Therapy: The higher the amount of micro perforations, the higher the efficiency of the treatment is. Meta Therapy activates the skin’s natural cell regeneration 20 times faster! Dermatude reaches up 2340-2700 of micro perforations per second. This is 162.000 micro perforations per minute! No part of the skin is left untouched. The patented Flex Head technology ensures equal treatment of all areas of the face.

Meta Therapy: FDA approved and safe!

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