Don’t take any risk due to incompetence work.

July 29, 2019

Report of Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (in Dutch RIVM): Don’t take any risk due to incompetence work.

In the report of the RIVM of 2018, an inventory was of risky treatments in salons. The conclusion of this study: risks arise as a result of incompetent action.

Factors that influence the occurrence of adverse effects due to risky treatments can be broadly reduced to:
1) characteristics of the treatment (such as depth of treatment)
2) client characteristics (such as skin type)
3) competence of the practitioner

Training by supplier
As a supplier, Dermatude trains its Meta Therapy specialists to become specialist who are competent and authorized to perform the Meta Therapy treatments. This is done carefully and with attention because possible complications with incompetent use can be very harmful.

For this reason, we only work according to the “Dermatude Concept”, which is taught during the training.

Skin damage due to self-designed treatment plan
Unfortunately we regularly see self-devised treatment plans that deviate from the Dermatude treatment plan. Which can cause a great risk of permanent skin damage!

Customers are treated unsolicited with “non-Dermatude” ingredients that go into the skin, without any knowledge of possible complications. The practitioner therefore puts the customer at unnecessary risk and is not working properly.

Tested and suitable
All ingredients of Dermatude products have been extensively clinically tested and found to be safe and suitable for Meta Therapy treatments. Negative consequences due to the use of deviant products and incompetent use cannot logically be the responsibility of Dermatude.

Prevent the risk of irreparable damage. Stick to the treatment concept as a professional and only offer your customers 100% safe treatments, so that you will always be seen as skilled!

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