Microneedling vs. Dermatude Meta Therapy

July 12, 2022

Do you know the difference between microneedling and Dermatude meta therapy? It often happens that microneedling is confused with meta therapy. Many consumers often think that both are the same, but there are (very important!) differences. We have listed a number of differences for you so that it is clear once and for all what is what:

  • Microneedling is often analog driven, which can cause uneven perforation, while Meta Therapy is digitally driven and even perforation is guaranteed, including the patented ‘Flex Head Technology’.
  • Dermatude Meta Therapy has a protective cap that allows you to work close to the lips and eyes; Microneedling does not have this, so extra care must be taken and sensitive areas must be avoided.
  • Microneedling has too long needles (up to 2.5 mm deep) which can cause skin damage; Dermatude Meta Therapy is safe, effective and without unwanted long and short term side effects.

So, there are very important differences and very important to know for you and for the customer. Do you want to know more about Dermatude meta therapy? Click here!