Website built by Visia Media

January 24, 2019

Dermatude has chosen to have their new website custom-built by Visia Media, a renowned design and digital communication agency based in South Limburg, Netherlands.

Professional Web Design in Limburg

In a world where digital trends rapidly evolve, a website is never truly ‘finished’. Visia Media understands this better than anyone and therefore opts for an approach focused on long-term relationships with its clients. When having a website created, Visia Media ensures that it remains up-to-date, secure, and accessible. This allows you to fully concentrate on managing your business.

The new Dermatude website is characterized by:

  • Security: To guarantee visitor safety, the website is equipped with an SSL certificate and undergoes regular security checks.
  • Speed: The website is designed with attention to speed and ease of use, ensuring visitors can quickly access the right information.
  • Current: Regular updates keep the website compliant with the latest online standards.
  • Mobile Accessibility: The site is optimally accessible on mobile devices, so you are always well-connected, everywhere you go.

Questions about the new website?

If you encounter any issues with the website, or have questions, you can always directly contact Visia Media for support. Dermatude is also ready to answer all your questions about services and collaborations. We ensure that any problems are resolved quickly and that the website continues to perform optimally.