The concept

May 30, 2022

Dermatude works with a total concept. This total concept comprises all matters related to the Dermatude brand for successful introduction in a new market.

A total concept!
Dermatude Meta Therapy is not just a treatment, it is a total concept which complements and reinforces. The device, modules, the skin care, treatments and procedures are fully integrated with only one goal: gain the best possible anti-ageing results for the client.

Turnkey marketing package
The goal is to create brand awareness through strong internet presence, online marketing campaigns, print marketing campaigns, innovative brand design and high quality new products, therefore Dermatude offers a turnkey marketing package. All the marketing materials you would need for your online and offline marketing campaigns, in store promotions , e-mailing, direct mailing, trade shows are available for you. In this way you can focus on your business and save time, effort and money on marketing costs. Benefit from our years of experience in marketing and just choose from all ready-to-use marketing materials Dermatude has available!

Your partner
Dermatude is a business partner, not just a supplier of products. We believe in maximum cooperation in order to optimize the intended results. We will share as much knowledge as possible in order to generate a successful business for you.