Start 2022 with healthy skin: Improve your daily skin care routine

January 3, 2022

Although the holidays in December are always a pleasant time, many women are relieved when ‘normal life’ starts again. Especially after such busy days and in the cold winter months, your skin could use an extra boost. You will undoubtedly hear this from your customers now and then. Help your customers (and yourself) with a healthy skin care routine that also extends the effect of the Meta Therapy treatments. Dermatude’s Skin Care Routine: 5 Steps to the best results. Nice to know: within 3 minutes, 2 times a day, you are all set!

Step 1: Cleanse your skin with the Dermatude Cleanser.
Step 2: Tone and restore the skin’s pH with a Dermatude Toner.
Step 3: Time for eye care: Use the Lifting Eye Drops or Firming Eye Boost.
Step 4: Care and nourish the skin with serums and a wonderful day/night cream.
Step 5: Protect your skin from UV damage with the Multi Defense SPF30.
Extra step: Deep cleaning twice a week with the Enzyme Peel and extra care with our masks or pads.

Everything you need for this wonderful skin care routine can be found in our special sets. Introduce your customer to the complete set or start with experiencing the Travel Set with small packages! More information or order immediately? Contact us.