New look for Dermatude Meta Therapy

March 1, 2019

‘A high end look & improved skin care formulas, but the concept remains the same’


The snowball named Dermatude Meta Therapy is rolling! In only 6 successful years, with already 35+ countries in portfolio – and counting!- the brand grows explosively worldwide.

Since its introduction, the total concept of Dermatude has been sharpened, extended and strengthened several times. In 2019 the brand is ready for a total restyling. From packaging and marketing to formulations and ingredients of the skin care line: all have been improved. In this way the brand responds to market demands and matches the needs of its clients.


What is changed?
In 2019 Dermatude introduces its restyled compact product range with premium quality ingredients that are proven effective and dermatologically tested. The ingredients used in both Dermatude treatments and skin care are selected on efficiency and effect. The new formulations contain a.o. Antioxidants, Amino Acids, Algae, BHA (Salicylic Acid), Co-Enzymes, Collagen, Hydrating agents, Peptides and Vitamins. The focus lays on hydrating, balancing, cell recovery, firming & lifting of the skin in a 100% natural way. During development the b2c market has been kept in mind. The luxury retail line, presented in high quality packaging, is appealing to consumers and meets the demands of retailers.


What did not change?
The thought behind the concept hasn’t changed: a proven effective treatment procedure, a compact skin care range with mid-range pricing, excellent training and a wide ready-to-launch-marketing package.


What is Meta Therapy?
Meta Therapy is a clinically proven – 100% natural- anti ageing treatment. With Meta Therapy, the skin itself will activate its natural repair mechanism and starts to produce collagen and elastin. As a result, the skin is restored from the inside out through regeneration of skin tissue. The treatment also involves placing active ingredients into the skin, which enables to carry out very specific and targeted treatments that suit the skin type and purpose of the treatment.


Proven results
Independent ‘in vivo tests’ prove the effectiveness of Dermatude Meta Therapy. These tests show that due to Dermatude Meta Therapy treatments the hydration level in the skin is increased, the wrinkle depth, pore size and pore depth are reduced, the elasticity is improved, redness and UV damage are reduced, sebum and oil production is balanced and pigmentation spots have decreased. Therefore Dermatude Meta Therapy is allowed to claim ‘proven results’.


Immediate results, no healing time: make up after 24 hours
Immediately after the first treatment the client can feel and see the results of the Meta Therapy treatment. After a course of treatments results are sensational!


Treatment options
With Meta Therapy it is possible to perform different kind of treatments, completely tailored to the needs of the client. The treatments can be performed on the entire face, neck, décolleté or specific areas for overall skin rejuvenation. In addition to the overall improvement, it is also possible to use the very specific Meta Therapy treatment for wrinkles and fine lines.


#1 in anti-ageing in 35+ countries worldwide

Since the international launch of Dermatude Meta Therapy in 2012, the success has become worldwide, from Europe to the Middle East, and from USA to China. Dermatude is already represented in 35+ countries worldwide and growing from strength to strength.

Top beauty salons, medispas, and clinics offer anti-ageing Meta Therapy treatments to their clients to improve the skin and give their clients a youthful appearance. The perfect treatment for high quality hotels, salon, spas who want to offer the latest innovation in skin rejuvenation, anti-ageing, skin hydration and restoration. Leading specialists worldwide consider Meta Therapy as effective and safe.