Fighting the ageing process

July 12, 2021

‘I started with Dermatude because I personally was looking for something to fight the ageing process in an effective but natural way. There are many effective treatments on the market, which will give you results that last a few days. If you want something more lasting, you must undergo a more invasive treatment. Which was not what I wanted. No matter how hard I tried, I could not find a treatment which met my demands. I was looking for something specific that was less invasive but still very effective for my skin.’ This search
made Saskia realize there really was a gap between beauty treatments and cosmetic surgery.

‘I knew for sure that many women were looking for a similar treatment as I did and couldn’t find it – just like me.’ Her unfruitful search made Saskia determined to make a change. ‘That is how I came up with the idea of Dermatude Meta Therapy. A concept that can fight the ageing process from the age of 25 up to 75 years. More invasive than a regular skin care treatment but less rigorous than surgery.’