How does Meta Therapy work?

Meta Therapy stands for 100% natural skin improvement with a two-sided effect. Meta Therapy combines both aspects: natural skin improvement from the inside and adding active ingredients to skin with the use of special serums. A two-sided effect in the battle against skin-ageing which not only attacks the consequences of but also the cause of skin ageing




Business meets Beauty

Dermatude is represented in over 35 countries worldwide. Our distributors choose for Dermatude because of the benefits for the clients and a lot of business opportunities for themselves. Seven of our distributors tell you what makes Dermatude unique and why it is such a great brand to work for. Trish Carey, Dermatude UK – “No […]

Meet the 100% natural anti-aging technique Hollywood believes in!

A winner of international prestigious beauty awards and achieving amazing results. Non-invasive beauty treatments with visible results, at the level of plastic surgery.   No surprise Dermatude is popular with the rich & famous clientele of renowned institutes worldwide. From high end doctor clinics in New York City and Chicago to renowned beauty spas in […]