20 Jun

Business meets Beauty

Dermatude is represented in over 35 countries worldwide. Our distributors choose for Dermatude because of the benefits for the clients and a lot of business opportunities for themselves. Seven of our distributors tell you what makes Dermatude unique and why it is such a great brand to work for.

Trish Carey, Dermatude UK – “No downtime, 100% results”
‘In the UK there is a lot of competition in beauty. From a customer’s point of view Dermatude is an excellent choice. First thing they will be thinking is: what am I going to outlay for this? What kind of results will I get? Will my customers come back for it? Will I get the return on my investment? Dermatude has the exceptional products, Dermatude has the treatment. The client does not even has to worry about selling a course of treatments upfront; that consumer will be back to book after one treatment. That is exactly what they are looking for. To have something like this, which is so so good and not have to be so pushy about it, that is where Dermatude stands out. And of course the results. The results speak for itself.’


Manuel Castillo, Dermatude Mexico – “Business opportunity”
‘We chose Dermatude because we saw a lot of benefits for our clients and we saw a lot of business as a distributor too. It is a really good treatment and the results people have after a treatment are great. First of all, as being a sales person, it is because there is a lot of profit on it. Second thing is that it is a really good treatment and you can see people have benefits after treatment for it.’



Patricia Shibley – Gauthier, Dermatude Canada – “The WOW-factor”
‘We brought in the Dermatude product line as an upscale procedure. To offer a technique that allows the skin care specialists to provide an invasive procedure that will upscale their facials and their anti-aging treatments. An esthetician wants to work with Dermatude because it will give her the results her clientele is looking for. It will take the anti-aging treatment right out of the box by performing an invasive procedure painlessly and getting the wow-factor with all her procedures. Canadians love Dermatude!’


Ivan Adam, Dermatude Switzerland – “Between beautician and aesthetician”
‘We have been lucky to distribute Dermatude as the first country next to the Netherlands. Dermatude is unique because it is a total concept. Dermatude is convenient, it is easy to be trained on, easy to work with and it is a painless treatment which gains good results. Dermatude is increasing the sales at a beauty institute because it is offering a new segment. It is located somewhere between the beautician and aesthetician. It’s adding value and results are closer to the upper scale market. Dermatude is wonderful.‘


Aud Grindland Kolstad, Dermatude Norway – “I always want to have the best
‘I have been in this business for 40 years. This is the best treatment for lines, pigmentation and skin texture. I tried many brands and treatments, I always want to have the best.

The client comes to a salon, because she wants results. With Meta Therapy, she can see and feel results after only one treatment. That is why we work with Dermatude. Dermatude is easy, nice to work with. Clients will be happy and clients will return!’


Undina Sigmundsdottir, Dermatude Iceland – “The best of the best”
‘Dermatude is totally different from everything I know. It is unique. A beautiful brand and a beautiful treatment. The results are seen immediately, they are awesome. It is the best of the best. Everything is 100% done by the company behind it. The treatment, the product line, the marketing materials and the support: all is amazing. I wouldn’t work with any other brand for anti-aging.’



Linda Bolin Hallström, Dermatude Sweden – “Dermatude means innovation“
‘Dermatude means innovation. The technique does not harm the skin, it is safe, the results are good, and it is the best in the market. Also because Dermatude works with a complete total concept. You don’t buy a machine, but a concept.


You can do treatments every week and clients feel good when they leave the salon. The customer loves it. Everyone loves it. The results are visible; the minimized pores after the first treatment will convince them to continue with a course of treatments.‘


We are looking for distributors for different countries worldwide. Let’s discuss the possibilities for your country! Send us a message.


06 Jun

Meet the 100% natural anti-aging technique Hollywood believes in!

A winner of international prestigious beauty awards and achieving amazing results. Non-invasive beauty treatments with visible results, at the level of plastic surgery.


No surprise Dermatude is popular with the rich & famous clientele of renowned institutes worldwide. From high end doctor clinics in New York City and Chicago to renowned beauty spas in London, Tokyo and Australia and everything in between.


Renowned institutes worldwide successfully carry out Dermatude Meta Therapy treatments, find one near you on our website.

Loved by..

Celebrity facialist Elizabeth Caroline of the prestigious Harley Street Clinic in London treats her famous clientele with Dermatude Meta Therapy.

Famous faces

Famous faces look radiant and youthful thanks to Dermatude Meta Therapy. Some of these famous faces are: TV presenter and model Lisa Snowdon, singer Ellie Golding and Girls Aloud singer Nicola Roberts

Seen in..

Glossy magazines Marie Claire, Nouveau, LINDA and Beau Monde.

12 locations

The Pure Indulge Company Australia provides high quality beauty therapy salon experience with Dermatude Meta Therapy in all 12 locations.

Hello Hollywood

Celebrities trust Dr. Lancer with their skin in his clinic on Rodeo Drive in Hollywood. Dermatude Meta Therapy treatments are often booked since 2014.

Perfect match

Luxury, well-being and Dermatude are a perfect match: Dermatude Meta Therapy treatments are available in 4 of the spacious and serene Equinox Clubs in Chicago.

NY loves Dermatude

New Yorkers are fan! Medical Aesthetic NYC Rejuvenation Clinic thinks Dermatude Meta Therapy fits perfect in their treatment program which is all about non-surgical & natural looking results



23 May

Aging of the midface

This kind of aging has the most impact!

Even though everyone ages in their own way, the aging process is about the same. In a previous publication on beautyjournaal.nl, Doctor Frodo Gaymans from Cosmetic Clinic Dokter Frodo in Amsterdam explains the aging process and the kind of aging which has the most impact: aging of the midface.


Drs Frodo Gaymans: ‘Regardless of the ethnic background or lifestyle, face aging takes place at 3 levels at a time:
• Shape of the skull,
• Amount of hypodermic volume
• The skin structure’


25? The first signs appear
‘Face aging is a cumulative process (as it continues, it does not stop) and takes three levels at a time. With many people, the first signs of aging are visible around the 25th year of life. From the end of the fourth decade, the rate of renewal of skin cells decreases, which causes the skin to become looser and thinner, and lines arise from the movement of underlying muscles.’ Doctor Gaymans explains. ‘Aging of the middle part of your face has the most impact. In the middle of the face this decrease is mainly seen at the cheekbones, under the eyes and cheeks.’


Skull shape
Frodo: ‘Over time, the skull becomes smaller. The skull shrinks when getting older. This is due to progressive osteoporosis. Fibrous tissue is continuously broken down and rebuilt. As you
grow older, the buildup of bone slows down the degradation and decreases the amount of bone. A discrete process of continuous bone resorption that increases the eye cavities and shrinks the cheekbones:
• Loss of the cheekbones. The cheekbones flatten at the side, become narrower and go a little less out. At the front, the cheekbones go more inward.
• Orbits grow bigger. Because there is less volume and grip around the eyes, the eyes are deeper and rattle and wrinkles arise.


Hyperdermic volume
‘The hyperdermic volume changes during aging. The connective tissue becomes less solid and the muscle volume decreases slowly. This makes the cheek volume slip down/forward. The
cheeks’ cushions have less grip and lower down. This causes a volume shortage under the eyes (bags/dark circles), a surplus in the nose and mouth corner nose and between the mouth and
jaw (puppet line). The muscles in the face around the eyes try to intercept the cheek volume, which then again leads to more fine lines around the eyes and cheeks.’


Skin structure
‘The production of elastin and collagen in the skin slows down when aging. The skin becomes less elastic, thinner and a little bit ‘too large for the face’. This is also a reason why bags, lines
around the eyes and wrinkles appear.’


Bags, mouth wrinkles and vertical wrinkles in the cheeks

The doctor continues: ‘Face aging is therefore the result of fat degradation, a changed fat distribution and an increasing bone breakdown. In the middle face, facial aging is seen in particular in the formation of bags, mouth lines, cheek wrinkles and puppet lines.’


What is the solution to aging of the midface?
The basis of a beautiful skin and skin structure next to heredity and lifestyle is good skin care, cleansing and maintenance. To stimulate the collagen and elastin production from within – which makes the skin firmer and more beautiful, Dermatude Meta Therapy is a great treatment. In a course of treatments results may be lasting. The facial treatments of Dermatude Meta
Therapy can be performed on the entire face, neck, décolleté or specific areas for overall skin rejuvenation. The skin will get a better structure, finer pores, more firmness, elasticity and youthful appearance. 


Research has shown that the growth in the beauty industry mainly comes from anti-aging treatments and products. The largest target group (age 25 to 75 years) is reticent to medical treatments. On the other hand the target group is looking for better results than non-invasive procedures can offer. Meta Therapy meets these demands and fills in between beauty treatments and cosmetic surgery.

09 May

The total concept

Dermatude works with a total concept. This total concept comprises all matters related to the Dermatude brand for successful introduction in a new market.


A total concept!
Dermatude Meta Therapy is not just a treatment, it is a total concept which complements and reinforces. The device, modules, the skin care, treatments and procedures are fully integrated with only one goal: gain the best possible anti-aging results for the client.


Turnkey marketing package
The goal is to create brand awareness through strong internet presence, online marketing campaigns, print marketing campaigns, innovative brand design and high quality new products, therefore Dermatude offers a turnkey marketing package. All the marketing materials you would need for your online and offline marketing campaigns, in store promotions, e-mailing, direct mailing, trade shows are available for you. In this way you can focus on your business and save time, effort and money on marketing costs. Benefit from our years of experience in marketing and just choose from all ready-to-use marketing materials Dermatude has available!


“This approach works: it has been proven time and again by the success of Dermatude institutes worldwide!”


Your partner
Dermatude is a business partner, not just a supplier of products. We believe in maximum cooperation in order to optimize the intended results. We will share as much knowledge as possible in order to generate a successful business for you.


The total concept
• Starter kit
• Device
• Products
• Training
• Marketing
• Advice


Request our catalogue now for more information about the total concept!

25 Apr

Dermatude, celebrating 5 years of success

Since the introduction in 2012 anti-ageing concept Dermatude Meta Therapy has grown explosively. Within 5 years, the Dutch anti-ageing concept is represented in 37 countries worldwide. Founder Saskia Kusters shares how she came up with the idea, how she started and why it is such a success.


‘I started with Dermatude because I personally was looking for something to fight the ageing process in an effective but natural way. There are many effective treatments on the market, which will give you results that last a few days. If you want something more lasting, you must undergo a more invasive treatment. Which was not what I wanted. No matter how hard I tried, I could not find a treatment which met my demands. I was looking for something specific that was less invasive but still very effective for my skin.’ This search made Saskia realize there really was a gap between beauty treatments and cosmetic surgery. ‘I knew for sure that many women were looking for a similar treatment as I did and couldn’t find it – just like me.’ Her unfruitful search made Saskia determined to make a change. ‘That is how I came up with the idea of Dermatude Meta Therapy. A concept that can fight the anti-ageing process from the age of 25 up to 75 years. More invasive than a regular skin care treatment but less rigorous than surgery.‘



Familiar face
Her many years of experience have worked in her favor as Saskia Kusters is a familiar face in the international beauty industry. Being a former international sales manager, she knows the beauty market from within. ‘After finishing school I started working in 1992 at a large Dutch beauty company with international export. I started as a sales executive in the export department. For my job I traveled a lot and came in contact with many different people, cultures and markets. I came to know the users of the products and equipment I was selling at that time, but also the people who were selling the products. So export wise and international sales wise I had a lot of experience. I met people who shared the same passion. I learned that despite differences in country, background and culture there is one thing they have in common worldwide: fight the ageing process as effective as possible.’


Saskia: ‘I kept looking for a treatment which was suitable for the beauty industry that could meet up with the results on medical level. So more effective than a regular beauty treatment. I wanted to offer the consumer a very good treatment with good results without the risk of imperrable skin damage.’ In 2010, while traveling and meeting up with contacts from all over the world, with years of sales experience and market knowledge at hand, the idea was shaped. ‘I was asking myself questions like: what is necessary in a treatment to give clients a good result? What do institutes need to perform and sell the treatment? And of course B2B wise: what do distributors need to sell the concept in their country?’


Full force ahead
Back home, Saskia found a business partner who was familiar with the international beauty industry and went full force ahead on the development for her Dermatude. ‘When finishing up the full concept of Dermatude we introduced it in the Dutch professional beauty market. We wanted to have a pilot of 1 year to hear the experiences of professionals and consumers before deciding to go international’, the founder explains. ‘The results of that first year were amazing! Consumers were very happy with the results, estheticians liked the concept very much. That made us decide to go international after 1 year.‘


Dermatude is head quartered in the Netherlands, located in the south of the Netherlands, close to Germany and Belgium, and has a sister company in the USA, with their own sales and training facilities in Orlando, Florida. Saskia: ‘This is of course a bench mark for the international market approach; the US is very important to us to get all the trends out of the market and help expose them to the European countries too.’



Tha Facelift Alternative
Meta Therapy is the acronym for Medical Esthetical Tissue Activation Therapy. Dermatude Meta Therapy is a 100% natural anti-ageing concept for skin rejuvenation and skin improvement from the inside out. The mechanical Meta Therapy treatments stimulates collagen and elastin production in the skin, thus achieving skin rejuvenation from within. This is a 100% natural process. Due to Dermatude Meta Therapy, the use of fillers, injectables or botox is unnecessary. ‘After 1 treatment you already have the result and in a course of treatments, the results are amazing. Dermatude Meta Therapy improves the overall condition of the skin, fine lines and wrinkles fade, pores become finer, the skin becomes firmer and regains its elasticity.’ Saskia
explains. ‘Leading institutes and dermatologists from around the world consider Meta Therapy effective and safe. Due to the patented treatment module, it is a safe treatment and keeps the epidermis intact. Unlike many skin rejuvenation techniques, the recovery time after Dermatude Meta Therapy is nil which of course is a great benefit to the customer.’

‘In the Meta Therapy treatments we use our own Dermatude products. The recipes are developed without perfumes and parabens and that is very important to us. We create a 100% natural treatment and have supporting products which are good to use at home and to prolong treatment results.’ Also, the Dermatude Skin Care range is very compact. ‘This makes it easy for beauty therapists to advice skin care for home use and easy to implement in their program.’


Basis for success
From 2012, Dermatude grew explosively. ‘Not only in our Dutch home market, but also on the international beauty market. Each year new distributors who work and sell Dermatude are added to the list. In order to get them going, Saskia travels a lot. ‘Each distributor gets trained by me personally. So before their start I will visit them, train them on the concept and make sure they can start in their country.’ Judging by the numbers, this approach works. ‘As a mother or 3 sons, one aged 15 year old, and 14-year-old twins it is very important to find the right balance between business and family. I am very lucky to have the possibility to rely on family when I travel. In this way I can show my sons that working with passion will gain success in business. And that their mom is successful but still a mom.‘

‘One of the reasons for success is because of the concept which is just right: people love the treatment, results are great and professionals love the turnkey implementable concept.’

In 2017, we export to 37 countries and distribute to over 2.500 institutes worldwide. ‘Being so successful in only 5 years, having 37 countries representing Dermatude is about passion and
believing in the concept, in the brand, that is the basis for success. Because I believe in it.’