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Our mission: We want to enable national and international entrepreneurs at every level of the distribution chian to achieve a successful beauty business.

Your benefits

  • “Business in a box”
  • Low costs, high profits
  • Proven effective!
  • Ready to launch total concept
  • Turnkey marketing package
  • Large market: fills in between beauty treatment and plastic surgery
  • On trend
  • Safety of equipment and products
  • High quality products
  • Maximum cooperation as business partners to gain maximum results
  • …enter the market anytime!

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  • Dermatude gives you the choice to look younger
    Liz McGowan, Official distributor Australia
  • Dermatude is a good concept, has nice people to work with and really professional marketing
    Farah Bourakadi, Official distributor Belgium
  • Join Dermatude and be part of the worldwide success. That is my advice!
    Kari Grønbo, Official distributor Denmark
  • I choose Dermatude because of the total concept, differentiating itself from brands that only have a device and the results are amazing!
    Hanna Nurmi, Official distributor Finland
  • Dermatude is a good system with good margins for the estheticians and good results for the customer.
    Carlo Matthey, Official distributor Italy

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