Dermatude – Frequently asked questions

December 5, 2018

Find the answers to frequently asked questions about Dermatude Meta Therapy!

Q: Why should I choose Dermatude Meta Therapy?

A: Dermatude Meta Therapy improves the overall condition of the skin: fine lines and wrinkles reduce, pores become finer, skin becomes firmer and retains its elasticity. Next to the treatment of the whole face, neck or décolleté, individual wrinkles can be treated. It is a mechanical treatment with 100% natural results. Results are amazing! There is no recovery time and you are allowed to wear make up the next day again.

Q: Which area’s may be treated with Meta Therapy?

A: You can opt for skin improvement and anti-aging of the whole face, neck and décolleté, as well as targeted treatments of specific areas and specific wrinkles. It is even possible to combine treatments to achieve the best result.

Q: What about the recovery period of my skin and wearing make-up?

A: Meta Therapy allows you to enjoy the benefits and results of a combination of deep treatment methods. Contrary to many other treatments, Meta Therapy does not affect the skin’s protective barrier. After the treatment the skin may show some redness, but this will reduce in a matter of hours. You will be able to get back to your daily activities immediately after the treatment and wear make-up the following day.

Q: Why is the right treatment depth so important?

A: The right treatment depth is very important for the optimal effect: too deep will give the risk on the development of subcutaneous scar tissue, too superficial won’t gain the desired results. Meta Therapy treats the basal cell layer into the upper layer of the dermis, which when activated, enhances the production of collagen and elastin.

Q: What is the Flex Head Technology?

A: The Flex Head Technology and curved stamp surface is built in the treatment module. This patented technology guarantees equal treatment depth no matter the irregular shape of the treated skin. For example: the skin in nose area is curvier than the cheek area thanks to the Flex Head Technology both are treated effectively.

Q: What will be the treatment interval?

A: The treatment always starts with a course of 4 weekly treatments, followed by 4 treatments every 2 weeks, and afterwards, a periodical maintenance treatment to maintain the achieved result by 1 treatment every 4 to 6 weeks. Wrinkle treatments are carried out with an intermediate period of 2 weeks between each treatment. On average, 4 to 5 treatments are necessary for the best results.

Q: How much time will the treatment take?

A: Dermatude Meta Therapy is sometimes referred to as a ‘lunch break treatment’; The full facial treatment takes approximately 55 minutes. The wrinkle treatment takes approximately 5 to 10 minutes in addition.

Q: When will the first results be visible?

A: In most cases, there is visible result after only one treatment. But a single Meta Therapy treatment is not sufficient to achieve immediately visible results that will last. For this reason you always start with an initial course of treatments.

Q: Why is it important to use the Dermatude Skin Care products?

A: Dermatude Skin Care products will help to prolong the treatment results at home. The ingredients in the Dermatude Skin Care are completely attuned to the active ingredients applied in the Meta Therapy treatment. This enables the most effective combination of professional treatment and home care to be achieved.

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