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June 6, 2018

Dermatude is represented in over 35 countries worldwide. Our distributors choose for Dermatude because of the benefits for the clients and a lot of business opportunities for themselves. Seven of our distributors tell you what makes Dermatude unique and why it is such a great brand to work for.

Trish Carey, Dermatude UK – “No downtime, 100% results”

‘In the UK there is a lot of competition in beauty. From a customer’s point of view Dermatude is an excellent choice. First thing they will be thinking is: what am I going to outlay for this? What kind of results will I get? Will my customers come back for it? Will I get the return on my investment? Dermatude has the exceptional products, Dermatude has the treatment. The client does not even have to worry about selling a course of treatments upfront; that consumer will be back to book after one treatment. That is exactly what they are looking for. To have something like this, which is so so good and not have to be so pushy about it, that is where Dermatude stands out. And of course, the results. The results speak for itself.’

Nelly Kirschner, Dermatude USA – “You make your investment back right away”

‘A business should choose Meta Therapy because it works. All the way from the series of the treatments, the detailed training, the amazing take home products. It’s a complete concept. You get over the top support, all of the marketing cladder that you will need in order to make your business successful. You make your investment back right away on top of earning right away. Who doesn’t want that?’

Liz McGowan, Dermatude Australia – “It has changed our lives”

‘We were looking for a new anti-ageing skin treatment and we searched and searched and we found this amazing Dermatude and we are so happy that we found it because it’s changed our lives. We chose for Dermatude because it’s just all in one package and the results are just amazing. That is what we wanted for us and what we wanted for our clients.’

Farah Bourakadi, Dermatude Belgium – “A more medical treatment with the best results”

‘The reason why an institute should choose for Dermatude is because of there is a really grand marketing support. You can have a unique selling proposition as a Meta Therapy specialist what’s also really important for the client. And she can offer a more medical treatment with the best results.’

Manuel Castillo, Dermatude Mexico – “Business opportunity”

‘We chose Dermatude because we saw a lot of benefits for our clients and we saw a lot of business as a distributor too. It is a really good treatment and the results people have after a treatment are great. First of all, as being a sales person, it is because there is a lot of profit on it. Second thing is that it is a really good treatment and you can see people have benefits after treatment for it.’

Patricia Shibley – Gauthier, Dermatude Canada – “The WOW-factor”

‘We brought in the Dermatude product line as an upscale procedure. To offer a technique that allows the skin care specialists to provide an invasive procedure that will upscale their facials and their anti-aging treatments. An esthetician wants to work with Dermatude because it will give her the results her clientele is looking for. It will take the anti-aging treatment right out of the box by performing an invasive procedure painlessly and getting the wow-factor with all her procedures. Canadians love Dermatude!’

Ivan Adam, Dermatude Switzerland – “Between beautician and aesthetician”

‘We have been lucky to distribute Dermatude as the first country next to the Netherlands. Dermatude is unique because it is a total concept. Dermatude is convenient, it is easy to be trained on, easy to work with and it is a painless treatment which gains good results. Dermatude is increasing the sales at a beauty institute because it is offering a new segment. It is located somewhere between the beautician and aesthetician. It’s adding value and results are closer to the upper scale market. Dermatude is wonderful.”

Aud Grindland Kolstad, Dermatude Norway – “I always want to have the best”

‘I have been in this business for 40 years. This is the best treatment for lines, pigmentation and skin texture. I tried many brands and treatments, I always want to have the best.
The client comes to a salon, because she wants results. With Meta Therapy, she can see and feel results after only one treatment. That is why we work with Dermatude. Dermatude is easy, nice to work with. Clients will be happy, and clients will return!’

Undina Sigmundsdottir, Dermatude Iceland – “The best of the best”

‘Dermatude is totally different from everything I know. It is unique. A beautiful brand and a beautiful treatment. The results are seen immediately, they are awesome. It is the best of the best. Everything is 100% done by the company behind it. The treatment, the product line, the marketing materials and the support: all is amazing. I wouldn’t work with any other brand for anti-aging.’

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